Testimonials about Dreams, Visions

and Personal Transformations




Learning to understand the symbolic meanings of my visions has given me comfort and confirmation of information that has come to me as a type of “knowing” that sometimes I have doubted.

—Maryann G.




I dream every single night, always have. My parents always told me I must have a weak mind as I have nightmares about everything. If I see a spider, I have a nightmare about spiders. If  I see something gruesome on the news I have a nightmare about it happening to me. I am afraid to go outside after dark, now more than ever because our dog ran into a mountain lion in the back yard one night and escaped but was slashed and bitten.

When I don’t have a nightmare, I still dream. Nice dreams. Picnicking with my family, swimming (my sisters and I were on a swimming team by the time I was 5 years old), I dream often of driving a truck again (I drove an 18-wheeler for several years and LOVED it), and recently I dream I have a book published and everyone likes it (I have one I will be self-publishing by the end of the year).

I did have a strange dream one time. I was 8 years old. I dreamed Mom and I were driving down a street near our home and came up on an intersection. The light was green and Mom was going to go on through, when I noticed a red car coming the opposite direction. Suddenly an angel appeared in front of the car and called out Mary Ann, stop! I yelled at Mom to stop the car and she hit the brakes just as the red car turned in front of us, missing us by inches. Mom asked me “how did you know?” I said an angel told me.

I had the dream on and off for about a year, then no more. Then I forgot about it. A few days after my 18th birthday Mom and I were out in the car on the way to her house. By then I was married, had a son, and lived a few miles away. We were coming up on that same intersection, and the light was green. I was tending to my son, who was sitting on my lap, when I heard a voice call out “Mary Ann, look up.” I looked up to see THAT RED CAR approaching the intersection. I yelled at Mom “stop the car!” She hit the brakes and the red car turned in front of us, missing us by just inches. Mom looked at me and I looked at her. “Just like in my dream” we said. Why did I have the dream a full 10 years before the happening? Why did the angel warn us? We’ll never know, but since then I have believed in angels.

—Mary G.



“Do Butterflies Dream is a divinely guided instruction book on how to analyze ones dreams. Laina provides enlightening examples that take the reader step by step through the process. This is the first dream analysis book that I truly understand and can follow easily. What a wonderful tool to assist in one’s life journey!”

—Christina Lufkin, Author of Live with Purpose: Die with Dignity, The Ripple Effect: Stories from the Heart by Christina Lufkin and Friends. www.christinalufkin.weebly.com



 Hi Laina,

I received your book today and it is lovely. As I was opening the rest of my mail for the day, and wondering when I was going to get the time to read it, I began checking my emails and this is what I found in my daily “Message from God” email…


On this day of your life,

Debbie, I believe God wants you to know…

…that you need to read more. No, really. You need to read more.
There’s a book right now waiting to be read by you.

Do you think this book has come into your awareness by accident?
It has been placed before you by your Consciousness.
Go get it. Read it. Make margin notes. Do it now.

Sometimes Life jumps out at you with its message,
fairly screaming at you: get this.  This is one of those times.
I’m telling you, there’s a book you’ve been scheduled to read right now.
Don’t ignore the schedule.
It’s Divine Intervention

What a testimonial! I started reading right away, and it is divine!!!


Debbie R.