Children’s dreams often prove to be very interesting. The mother of an eight year old girl told me about a recent dream her little girl experienced.  She told her mother she dreamed that a big scary alligator, who could talk, was chasing her around the yard. She was really sad and scared when she woke up.

When she was asked what an alligator was, she said, “Alligators are big and scary! They have pointy teeth, are cool, live in water and are not friendly. There is screaming and running and they are creepy.” 

In my book, Do Butterflies Dream? we learn that in dreams, “Animals signify animal instincts used as a symbolic bridge between instinctual emotions and expressive words describing emotions.” Through the interpretation of her daughter’s dream the mother was able to understand that her daughter was experiencing a “big and scary, unfriendly and creepy” situation in her life. 


To create a friendly atmosphere for the child in which to discuss a dream, ask the child questions such as, “How was your day yesterday?” Or, “Is there anything bothering you that you would like to talk about?” Or, “You seem sad. Would you like to talk?”  Most often an event or situation will be revealed which brought on the disturbing dream. Once the parent has come to a better understanding of the child’s emotions, a loving teaching experience can occur.  

(Photo taken by Kate Moore – shared with permission)