sunflower,peaks 9-05blueropetangleA young man had a dream about blue ropes that brought him security and assistance during a time of struggle. He dreamed of a girl, young vulnerable feelings and emotions within himself, that needed rescuing. He was confronted with several obstacles in his dream while trying to rescue this little girl. The dream held several personal meanings to the dreamer, but the most profound message was understood when he realized that the blue ropes represented his need for security and comfort during an emotional struggle.

“I was in Arizona with someone from my past; I don’t remember who it was though. Maybe my wife, maybe my sister, I’m not sure. I was trying to find my way back to my Mom’s house. It felt like I was going through snow, tons of snow. I turned down one road thinking it would lead me home, but it wasn’t the road I thought it was. The visibility was terrible because everything was covered in snow.

The season changed and it was monsoon season during the summer; I was still trying to find my way home to my Mom’s house. I was a little kid, maybe eight or ten years old. My companion and I were walking in a desert area, but I was still in town somehow. We came across a big crevice, a run-off caused from the monsoon rains. It was deep and I was worried about trying to get over it. The other person felt the same way. The edge could crumble and we could fall in.

Then a girl fell in the deep crevice and was screaming! She stopped herself between the two sides of the crevice walls, but unable to hold her position she fell the rest of the way to the bottom. I told the other person who was with me that they had to wait where they were while I found someone to help us or they would fall and be washed away.

Then I found a section that was thin enough to jump over. I ran through a field, over a fence and encountered dogs. I got past the two dogs and came upon two guys who were loading a tractor and trailer. I asked them for help and they said yes. I noticed several tie-downs ropes. I asked if I could take them so that I could pull someone out of the run-off crevice. There was a huge bundle of tie-down ropes, all blue in color. I headed back trying to think about how to get past dogs. Once I made it past the dogs I was worried about getting the girl out of the crevice, but I woke up when I made it back to the run-off.

The color blue was very distinct in this dream. I’ve never really had a color jump out at me like this one did. When I thought about the color bluesunflower,peaks 9-05 I imagined the blue sky and my wife’s beautiful blue eyes! I experienced feelings of calm, security and comfort. I began to feel a sense of security and relaxation.”

*Photo is by Ruth Hartnup/Flickr