butterflyThe emergence of the garden butterfly parallels the amazing transformation that happens when you dream. You’ll see key symbols in dreams, but if you don’t seek to understand them, you won’t learn what they mean. These symbols can unlock messages of the soul and lead you toward a life of expanding brilliance.

In this guidebook to interpreting your dreams, you’ll learn how to:

• interpret dreams without the help of a professional;

• recognize warnings and advice conveyed through dreams;

• appreciate the value of dreams – even nightmares.

Laina Lloyd also reveals the truths she’s learned about herself and the world by interpreting her dreams on a daily basis. By learning how others have unlocked the meaning of their dreams, you’ll be able to discover what yours are trying to tell you.

Whether the dream is about flying above the trees, entertaining a mysterious lover, or something with a prophetic message, this is your guide to understanding what’s not obvious. Make your own personal transformation with Do Butterflies Dream?