A young woman finds herself naked in an unknown kitchen with a group of unfamiliar male and female co-workers. She proceeds to eat some meat on a plate by bending down, not using her hands, only her mouth.  An familiar and attractive male co-worker, whom she admires, walks in and whispers, “Don’t! You’ll give our secret away!” Then the co-worker hugs her and she feels safe and protected.

Dream Symbols:

Kitchen = work

Food/meat = nutrition, survival, need. When asked her feelings about eating and food, the dreamer mentioned that she doesn’t really want to eat, but needs to for survival.

Unfamiliar co-workers = unfamiliar actions and ideas (males), unfamiliar feelings and emotions (females)

Co-worker = newly familiar charismatic, kind, big and strong action and idea (strong, successful and charismatic sales person at her place of employment who shows her kindness)

Eating meat with-out using hands = She doesn’t like to touch raw meat and finds it disgusting. She does enjoy eating meat though.

Current events:

This young woman just started a new diet – surprisingly, she feels better than she has for a long time.


With a new job, school commitments and raising two boys, this young woman feels exposed (naked) in her life as she experiences unfamiliar actions, ideas, feelings and emotions (unfamiliar male and female co-workers) while she struggles to adjust to a new job, the demands of school, and motherhood. Healthy eating is difficult because of her complicated schedule. Eating (food/meat) isn’t always a pleasant thing for her (it’s too much work) and sometimes it doesn’t appeal to her and she finds it disgusting.

The action and idea of her attractive co-worker, (charismatic and kind action she has toward her new diet), makes her feel safe and protected. She told me that this new diet is easy and she feels better physically. There is an attraction toward living it (action and idea represented by attractive co-worker) because of how it makes her feel (safe and protected).

While the dreamer told me about this new diet, her body language and vocal tone suggested she felt secretive or private about what she was doing. This was symbolically portrayed in the dream by the attractive co-worker who whispered, “Don’t! You’ll give our secret away!” His hug brought her comfort (the diet has brought her comfort – an action that is kind and appealing, charismatic).

Because of the dream message the young woman feels encouraged to continue with her new diet and enjoy the feelings of comfort it is bringing into her life.