Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When did you become interested in dreams?

When I was a child my mother would often help me understand my dreams, especially those emotionally upsetting nighmares! Mom was a Dream Counselor. Every week she and a group of women would gather together and discuss their dreams, counseling one another on the messages they were given through their dreams. As I grew older I asked spirit to send messages to me in my dreams that could offer assistance when I was confronted with difficult life challenges. The dream interpretation process continued in my life while I raised my children. I began to teach them how to interpret their own dreams. Sharing dreams is still a valuable part of communication in our family. It brings us closer together and we often feel a sense of sacredness toward one another. Interpreting dreams is a precious gift. Dreams often reveal the depth of our emotions and inner struggles. Dreams are the soul language being made manifest guiding us along our life journey.


Q: What prompted you to write a book about dreams?

A book about dreams is a legacy that I choose to leave for my children and grandchildren. Books are valuable sources for leanring and can often trigger something within the soul for self betterment. It was while sitting outside in my garden thinking about how I could help my children, family, friends and clients, that I saw a simple garden butterfly. She was sitting on a pink wildflower displaying her pretty, yellow wings. I began to wonder what it would be like to be a butterfly. Do they have feelings? Do they sleep? Do they breathe oxygen like humans do? Then while visiting the Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale, Arizona I had the thought, “Do butterflies dream? Other species dream. Researchers have discovered that even some reptiles dream. If I could write a book about dreaming and possible messages the soul language may be trying to reveal, I could help a lot of people.” Then I thought, “Do Butterflies Dream? would be a great title for a book!” This was an inspirational moment for me. Butterflies are all about the transformation. The healing modalities I am trained in and the opportunities I have of helping others understand their dreams are all about transformation! If a person is willing and desires to be progressing toward perfection, then a book about dreams was a necessary tool to assist others.


Q: Where did you get the dreams and visions used in the book?

I started gathering dreams years ago when I felt inspired to write a dream book. Some of the dreams are from clients, my children and friends, and my mom’s journals. A few dreams are mine and several are from dreamers that just wanted to share and be part of the book with a desire to help others. When I needed a dream for a specific section, often times someone would have a dream to share for that section. All I had to do was wait, and eventually someone would call and tell me about a strange dream they had. I saw and felt spirit guiding this book every step of the way.


Q: Why did you choose the butterfly? Does it have any significant meaning to you?

A butterfly represents transformation into expanding brilliance. By understanding dreams and possible messages they may reveal, we are provided with a way to expand and change. Some dreams are a reflection of the days events and some are triggered by physical stimulus, but there are often dreams with messages that can have a profound influence concerning personal transformation. It’s all about the transformation! I firmley believe we can progress toward perfection and messages of the soul language revealed in dreams can guide us on that path. The butterfly is a perfect example of that progression.



Q: Who is the young woman on the front cover of the book?

The young woman on the cover is my daughter. She is a model of someone who is always striving to better herself. The little girl in the garden inside the book is my granddaughter.