Making your own dream dictionary may seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Start simple and experiment with the following:

1. Purchase an average size address book. Address books are already sectioned alphabetically creating an easy way to list your symbols.

2. Begin today with any recent dreams you remember. Write the dream down then highlight the symbols.

Here’s a dream example: I dreamed that I was in my kitchen making dinner and sugar ants were all over the counter.

Notice how I highlighted the symbols? Enter those symbols, or more specifically your own dream’s symbols, into your address book, or what we will now call your “Personal Dream Dictionary”.

3. After you have entered your symbols, it’s now time to define them, or in other words, write what this symbol may mean to you?

*Remember, another person’s symbol meaning may not be the same for you. AND dream symbols may change, depending on life experiences, so feel free to add to your personal dream dictionary!

Here is an example of different dream symbol meanings: In a dream interpretation workshop that I presented, we discovered that the symbol, “Kitchen” meant several different things to the class. One person said, “It’s a place of work,” while another said, “It’s a place of joy.”

In your Personal Dream Dictionary, enter your own meaning. You may want to start with the word “Kitchen” and go from there.

Under K – write Kitchen = work, or joy or ???? Maybe both?

Learning your dream symbols is all part of the dream interpretation journey. It can be a fun and easy adventure!

Happy dreaming,