On the second Wednesday of each month, at the local public library in my home town, I facilitate a free dream interpretation class. Before each class, as part of my spiritual preparation, I meditate and ask if there is a message from spirit for the students. Before the very first class I facilitated at the Library this year, I did indeed receive a dream/vision message. At first I wasn’t aware of what I saw as a message at all. In fact, I almost didn’t remember what I had seen and thought that what I possibly saw was a series of nonsensical imaginings, not symbols. It wasn’t until I chose to analyze the series of symbols that I discovered an important hidden message.

The Dream/Vision:

There is a group of us in the conference room at the library standing around a large table. A lady says, “Dreams come from aliens.” The scene changes and instead of students standing around the table, there are aliens. The table is covered with a fine white grey sand. In an instant the sand and aliens are gone and in the center of the table is a beautiful diamond jewel which looks like a ring or earring. I hear a voice say, “This jewel is priceless, worth over $5 million dollars!

That was it. A short but powerful message as we will learn with the interpretation. The symbols and what they mean to me will be discussed first. Then I will put the meaning in summary form as the dream interpretation:

Dream Symbols:

Library: place of learning

Woman: she was an unfamiliar feeling/emotion. When female figures are present in dreams, they often represent some form of feelings and/or emotions. In this instance, the woman is unfamiliar to me.

“Dreams come from aliens”: Dreams can seem foreign to us, strange at times, different

Aliens: unusual, foreign, different, unexplainable

Sand: basic substance, part of earth, of life

Diamonds: made from sand, a thing of beauty, valuable, an adornment

Dream Interpretation:

Dreams, with their unfamiliar feelings and emotions, can often seems alien to us, unexplainable, different, foreign. Dreams come from our subconscious, a basic substance of our life experience. Once we discover what our dream symbols mean, the dream interpretation, which reveals the dream’s message, can become something very beautiful, priceless and valuable.