03Laina Lloyd

Author and Dream Consultant

Why book Laina Lloyd as your next speaker?


  • Laina speaks passionately about the journey of transformation revealed in dreams and visions.

  • She teaches others how to unlock the meanings of their dreams by helping them see key symbols in dreams, visions and repeating life situations.

  • Laina reveals truths she’s learned about herself and the world by interpreting dreams on a daily basis.

  • She takes the audience on a journey of understanding dreams and their hidden messages that once revealed, can bring the dreamer into a life of expanding brilliance!

In Roger’s and Hammerstein’s musical titled “Cinderella”, there is a song sung by Cinderella that begins with the following verse:

“I’m as mild and as meek as a mouse, when I hear a command I obey. But I know of a spot in my house where no one can stand in my way. In my own little corner in my own little chair I can be whatever I want to be…”

Inspired by this song as a child, Laina has taken to heart the message in that simple verse. Realizing at young age that she could be whatever she wanted to be, brought her to an awareness that everyone can be what they want to be in their own little corner of the world. A dream may start in a simple chair in your own little corner. Once the dream takes shape it can spread out to include family and friends, then expand to touch and influence the world!

As a speaker, Laina brings years of experience and enthusiasm to each person in the audience helping them to realize that their dreams can be fulfilled and no one can stand in their way! Her listeners laugh, cry, and learn how to understand possible meanings from their dreams and visions helping them to become more balanced and successful. This balance and understanding can bring about the personal transformation they may be seeking.


Public Speaking Engagements:

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