Some people dream in black and white, some dream in color. Occasionally there are dreams where a specific item is brought into focus with vivid color. Pay attention to these images, there is usually a message being revealed by that item and its color. One dreamer remembered a blue hat in an emotionally traumatic dream. When I asked her what the color blue meant she related the following:

“My husband loves it when I wear blue, which makes me feel good. I also have blue eyes. I love my blue eyes. I wear glasses and my blue eyes are not as visible when I have my glasses on. That upsets me! When I go shopping for clothes I am often drawn to blue clothing. My favorite color is aqua and my husband’s favorite color is blue. While contemplating the color blue I think of the sky, the ocean, playgrounds, my baby girl, my mom, water, happiness, reading and feeling calm.”

This information was very important in interpreting the dream where the blue hat appeared. During the dream there was a scene where the young mother was bundling a child to protect her from the cold. The blue was symbolic of an emotion of calmness and protection during a time of trauma. This action of protection brought about comfort and pleasure.

When recording dreams remember to mention any outstanding colors as they may have symbolic meaning. This adds depth to the message that is being revealed.

(Photo taken by Kate Moore – shared with permission)