A young woman tells about a dream she had on August 9th, 2014: “My dream seemed so real…a dream inside a dream! I even called my mom inside the dream to tell her about the dream.

I dreamed that my deceased grandmother was at my house. She was sitting at the kitchen table with my girls doing crafts. Her black hair was a salt and pepper grey, she was clothed in a pretty dress and appeared beautiful and young. Looking up at me she smiled. It was a beautiful, happy smile.”

Dream symbols:

Grandma = love and beauty
Kitchen = happiness, joy,
Young = feeling and emotion of happiness
House = structure of beliefs
Girls = close feelings and emotions

Some dreams feel real, as if they are not dreams at all. The young woman felt that this dream was like a vision. We can easily call it a dream-vision. Dreaming this on August 9th, the night before her August 10th birth date, created a feeling that perhaps the veil was drawn, just a little, so she could receive a happy birthday wish from her grandmother.

Her dream interpretation:

In my current life situation (my home, my structure of beliefs), I am in a place of happiness and joy (kitchen) experiencing closely related feelings and emotions (my girls) of love, beauty (grandma) and happiness (young grandma).