bowl of rocksMy hands had been hurting with a strange sensitive ache, so one day I decided to ask spirit why they were hurting and why I kept breaking blood vessels in them.

As I took time to meditate on this question and rest, I went into the in-between awareness and sleep state. While in this state I had a dream, or vision, and I heard spirit say, “Eat the rocks.”
“What do you mean, ‘eat the rocks’?”
“Eat the rocks.”

I proceeded to gather a few rocks off the ground. As I started to place them into my mouth I woke up. Once I was awake, while the picture was clear in my mind, I asked, “What does it mean to eat rocks?” In other words, what do rocks symbolize to me? Almost instantly I realized that rocks symbolize minerals. It had been weeks since I had taken my mineral supplements. I needed to add the mineral supplement back into my diet.

This dream vision was a direct answer to my question. By recognizing that spirit is there to lead, guide and direct, and can do this through dreams, visions, or even a voice, guidance can be received on on a regular basis. Learning dream symbols, or the picture messages that the soul language is trying to reveal, can be a valuable asset in life.